Cat grooming

Cat grooming procedures are vastly different than they are for dogs. While the reasons remain mainly the same—hygiene and better showmanship—the procedures themselves are slightly different because a cat has different needs than a dog. It's entirely possible and reasonable to try different cat grooming procedures yourself to save money or time transporting your little friend to the facility, but many find that they simply don't have the energy to fight their way into bathing a cat. Professional groomers know how to handle the cat with delicacy and affection so they behave; additionally, they realize you may not be able to groom a cat in one session.

Cat care involves upkeep on your cat's hair, nails, and teeth, among others. Cats often handle cleaning themselves on their own using their tongue. However, it's very common for a cat to get a burr or an area of matted fur that both he and you simply can't untangle. Rather than harming your cat and trying to yank at it, take him to professional groomers.

Why should you take advantage of regular cat grooming?

Showing a cat is a popular pastime and keeping up with cat care and grooming procedures is a big part of that. Some dedicated cat owners have weekly appointments, ensuring their cats are always impeccably groomed and healthy. While this isn't always necessary depending on what type of cat you have (long hair vs. short hair, for example), having a regular appointment will help avoid any complications.

Regular cat grooming also allows professional groomers to periodically check for any larger issues, which could impact your cat's health. Make regular cat grooming part of your cat care. Cat grooming, particularly dealing with their coats, teeth, and nails, can reveal scratches or infections that could otherwise go unnoticed. The cat grooming professionals you form a bond with will also get to know your cat, guaranteeing nothing will be missed.

Using professional groomers

Professional groomers are always an option if you don't feel confident in your cat grooming abilities. Rather than get scratched up trying to restrain your cat, you can use the services of professional groomers. They have high quality supplies that can make each process as easy and pain-free as possible for your cat, conditioning them not to completely hate the cat grooming process, which makes it easier for you to attempt it yourself! Professional groomers are licensed and have been educated in cat care, so you can be rest assured that your pal is in the best possible hands.